Dual Language Advisory Committee (DLAC)

Dual Language Globe LogoThe Dual Language Advisory Committee was established to review and make recommendations to the School Site Council (SSC) regarding the Dual Language Immersion Program (DLIP). The following committee members will represent the voice of their stakeholder communities and serve as a conduit for education to increase knowledge of the Dual Language Immersion Program at Heritage Elementary School.

2020-2021 Information: IN PROGRESS


SSC parent member: Don Tennant, Dontennant@gmail.com

SSC teacher member: Kristina Rynd, Kristina.rynd@cvesd.org

DLIP parent representatives:

Kinder: Vacant

First: Sonja Simonsen, Sonjaortiz@gmail.com

Second: Gabriela Rodriguez, gsrodrig@gmail.com

Third: Valentin Manuel, rooc2421@yahoo.com

Fourth: VACANT

Fifth: Maria Fong, mariafong@hotmail.com

Sixth: Kawanda McLendon, Kmclendon@hotmail.com

DLIP teachers:

Edilza Rincon, Edilza.rincon@cvesd.org

Gabriela Vasquez, Gabriela.vasquez@cvesd.org

Jesus Figueroa, Jesus.figueroa@cvesd.org

Principal: Ruth Díaz De León, Ruth.DiazDeLeon@cvesd.org

District Representative: Matthew Tessier, Matthew.tessier@cvesd.org