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Heritage Site Computer Technician / Shelly Rodriguez:

CVESD Parent Helpline for Issues with Personal Devices & Student Logins: 619-409-6638


General Technology Expectations

Distance Learning Expectations     English / Spanish

Student Internet Use Policy     English / Spanish


School-Issued Device Expectations

Borrowed Device/Hotspot Release Verbiage     English / Spanish

If a device is needed, please email Site Tech for the request link.

Usage and Care Expectations

Updating Your Windows Computer: as of 10/27/21 - v21H1, 19043.1288

Frequently Asked Questions


General Technology Tips

Accessing Student Email & Apps

Distance Learning Access Tips

Clearing the Cache/History on the Most Popular Browsers

Clearing the Cache/History from the TEAMS app

Adjusting Email Inbox Settings

Updating Teams desktop app: as of 10/27/21 v1.4.00.26376 (WIN), v1.4.00.22368 (MAC)


2022 Testing Technology Tips

ELPAC/CAASPP Parent Information Page

*Please note: the Secure Browser is currently NOT compatible with Chromebooks.

ELPAC/CAASPP Secure Browser Installation Video (Windows)     English / Spanish

ELPAC/CAASPP Secure Browser Installation Video (Mac)     English / Spanish  

ELPAC/CAASPP Secure Browser Usage Instructions for families     English / Spanish


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